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In person and online options for Hebrew School

The 2020/2021 school year will open with options for full in person or online classes.
Both options will be available, parents may choose one.

In Person option:
Enroll for regular in person Hebrew school in a real classroom with a physically present teacher and peers.
Following safety guidelines for in person classes. Click for details.


Online option:
Enroll in online Hebrew school with a live teacher engaging students in real time with lessons and activities, just like in a real classroom.

Cost of tuition is the same for in person and online.
All children will get school books, the dedication and attention of a live classroom teacher, and weekly work prepared especially for the class and age group.

Click for Tuition Rate


In Person guidelines:
Safety guidelines for In person school will consist of some or all of the following.
Since things are constantly changing, we will keep to the guidelines that reflect the most recent suggestions from CDC and the state of NJ as the information is published.
Children will remain in the same class with the same kids and same teacher for the duration of the day.
Break time will be staggered by class to avoid kids gathering in large groups.
Kids will be asked to wear masks indoors when social distance is not possible.
Temperature screening before entering school.
Screening children before entering school to ensure they have not had Covid and not been in touch with anyone that had Covid in the past week.

Fri, September 18 2020 29 Elul 5780