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Preschool Class: For ages 3-4. 
The children's first taste of Hebrew school, with intro to the Hebrew Alef Bet, Jewish holidays, Mitzvot and morning prayers through songs, stories, music, and crafts.

Kindergarten Class:
Children sing the morning prayers, in Hebrew and the basic translation.

Children  learn the Alef Bet letters, some vowels,  as well as simple Hebrew words. Children follow the "Mitzvos I Can do" curriculum, learning about acts of kindness, Shabbat, and Holidays with practical, hands on, engaging activities, bringing the mitzvos and traditions to life. 

Grades 1-6
Classes are divided in grade levels, and cover different curriculums at each grade level. All classes include prayers, Hebrew reading, Holidays, Jewish pride and appreciation of the Land of Israel. Classes engage in extra-curricular activities including projects, competitions, fundays, and more. 

Bat Mitzvah Class: 6th Grade Girls
A class for girls in 6th grade, reading Hebrew, prayers, learning about the Mitzvot of the Jewish women, Jewish women throughout history, reading and explanation of the Aishet Chayil prayer with crafts, activities, trips and more! 

Grades 7 and up:
Hebrew School Volunteer Program
Boys and girls in grades 7 and up, come on Sunday mornings to tutor children with Hebrew reading, assist in younger classes, and help lead group activities and special day programs. 
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Children sing the morning prayers in the original text, with some basic meanings.  

Hebrew Reading:
Children will master the Hebrew Alef Bet and vowels, and begin to read basic words. Hebrew reading is an individualized program to give each child an opportunity to gain fluency at their own pace and with accuracy. 

Judaic Curriculum: 
Torah: What is our Torah,  the history of our people, gaining an appreciation of who we are, and how we started out as a nation. 

Jewish Heroes and History: Children learn about our Jewish leaders throughout history, what makes them great, how we can learn from them, and how we can influence those around us. 

Mitzvos: Children learn Mitzvos in a practical, hand-on way, why we have the Mitzvos, and how to observe the mitzvos. 

Jewish pride: What makes us Jews, to be proud of who we are, to be an example to others and our connection and obligation to one another. 

Land of Israel: Children gain an appreciation of our Land, what makes it special, how we are connected to the land and the rich history of our land. 

Holidays: As we go through the year, the children will prepare for each Jewish holiday, with background history about the Holiday, and how to celebrate it.

Each class receives workbooks and weekly homework. 

Hebrew School Special Days: Throughout the year we have special events at Hebrew School which include Holiday Fairs, cook-offs, game shows, competitions, art activites and guest speakers. 

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