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Online Weekday Services due to social distancing

All our minyanim are currently suspended, instead we present you with Online Connection.

In order to maintain as much of a normal schedule as possible, you will have the option of connecting online for learning and davening.

Connecting online is encouraged as this will keep our morale up, and we will have an opportunity to connect on some level at least.

Online connection is not a real minyan, we cannot say kaddish or read the torah, it is only for purposes of having a set time for davening, group learning, and maintaining a connection with each other.

Online connection is for weekdays only, Shabbos services are not part of online connection.

  • We will each pray in our own homes based on the schedule linked below.
  • We will connect using Google meet. Click here for online connection.
  • We will hear one person pray out loud just like a Chazan would in synagogue.
  • Each of us can follow along with chazan or at our own pace.
  • Find a quiet room and a secure place for your laptop or phone so you don’t have to hold it while praying.

For full online schedule click below:

Today's Halachic Times

Alos Hashachar 4:59a
Earliest Tallis 5:38a
Netz (Sunrise) 6:29a
Latest Shema 9:43a
Zman Tefillah 10:49a
Chatzos (Midday) 12:59p
Mincha Gedola 1:31p
Mincha Ketana 4:46p
Plag HaMincha 6:07p
Shkiah (Sunset) 7:29p
Tzais Hakochavim 8:10p
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Tue, April 7 2020 13 Nisan 5780