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We have hired armed security guards, who have been on duty for Shabbos services and Hebrew school.
We have formed a security committee consisting of people with security experience who are working to further update security.
Our plan is to have armed security present at all times that people congregate, for holidays, events, and programs.

For events when a lot of people are expected, we will be hiring two armed guards to have better coverage of the premises.

We are also working on a grant that will help pay for some of our needs for armed security.

As you can expect all this adds substantial cost, and you can help!

We are asking that each family contribute a minimum of $360 per year, or $30 per month, for armed security guards. If you cannot give this amount, please feel free to contribute whatever you can afford.

With your help, and G-d's blessings, may we be protected and safe from harm. 


Things for you to consider

Please bear in mind that security sometimes means less convenience.

Our building is always locked! In order to get in, you need to first ring the bell, and be identified. You may be asked a few questions, as per security procedures.

On Shabbos and holidays, there will be a combination of guards and security volunteers stationed at the door and other areas around the premises. Anyone wishing to enter, will first be identified and/or questioned.


Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784