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Kiddush Sponsor 2018

Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, the Yahrzeit of a family member, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or other family occasion with a kiddush lunch at the shul!
The Kiddush is very affordable and it's a beautiful way of celebrating with the community.

Serves Approx 50-60 people, this is our regular synagogue attendance, before any guests you may have. You can specify how many guests you will have on the next page.

Basic .......$350.00
Wine for Kiddush, Challah, Seltzer water, Cholent (hot dish), 4 salads. Simple white table cloth and paper goods.

Wine for Kiddush, Challah, Seltzer water, Cholent (hot dish), 5 salads, Pickles & Olives, Gefilta Fish, herring. Simple white table cloth and paper goods.

Wine for Kiddush, Challah, Seltzer water, Cholent (hot dish), 5 salads, Pickles & Olives, Gefilta Fish, Herring, Lox, Elegant Linen Table cloths, Fancy Paper Goods.

Please call our office at 201-791-7200 with any questions.

1) L'chaim is not included in the Kiddush price, If you want to have L'chaim at the Kiddush, please make sure to bring a bottle to the synagogue before Shabbat.

2) You may customize Kiddush on next page. You may add food items that you buy with Rabbis approval, however, price listed above will not be reduced.
Although the form below will not accept more than one sponsor per week, as a community, we must recognize and make allowance for others’ occasions as well as our own. In the spirit of community, we ask you to graciously accept the fact that another community-member may be celebrating or commemorating on the same Shabbat and sponsor the Kiddush as well. If our community has multiple reasons to celebrate, the Kiddush will have more than one sponsor.  Prices remain the same. Any extraneous funds will go to the Kiddush fund, to be used to pay for Kiddush when there is no sponsor. If you have an a occasion that you must celebrate on a given date that is already booked, please contact us.
We thank you for understanding, and we thank you for sponsoring! 

Sponsor a Kiddush by selecting the Kiddush date below and click Register Now.

03/03/2018 Ki Sisa Mar 3 2018 Open Register Now
03/10/2018 Vayakhel-Pekudei Mar 10 2018 Open Register Now
03/17/2018 Vayikra Mar 17 2018 Open Register Now
03/24/2018 Tzav Mar 24 2018
04/14/2018 Shmini Apr 14 2018 Open Register Now
04/21/2018 Tazria-Metzora Apr 21 2018
04/28/2018 Achrei Mos-Kedoshim Apr 28 2018 Open Register Now
05/05/2018 Emor May 5 2018
05/12/2018 Behar-Bechukosai May 12 2018
05/19/2018 Bamidbar May 19 2018 Open Register Now
05/26/2018 Nasso May 26 2018
06/02/2018 Beha'aloscha Jun 2 2018
06/09/2018 Sh'lach Jun 9 2018 Open Register Now
06/16/2018 Korach Jun 16 2018 Open Register Now
06/23/2018 Chukas Jun 23 2018 Open Register Now
06/30/2018 Balak Jun 30 2018 Open Register Now
07/07/2018 Pinchas Jul 7 2018 Open Register Now
07/14/2018 Matos-Masei Jul 14 2018 Open Register Now
07/21/2018 Devarim Jul 21 2018
07/28/2018 Vaeschanan Jul 28 2018 Open Register Now
08/04/2018 Eikev Aug 4 2018 Open Register Now
08/11/2018 Re'eh Aug 11 2018 Open Register Now
08/18/2018 Shoftim Aug 18 2018 Open Register Now
08/25/2018 Ki Seitzei Aug 25 2018 Open Register Now
09/01/2018 Ki Savo Sep 1 2018 Open Register Now


Mon, November 19 2018 11 Kislev 5779