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2020 Camp Season


We will really miss the great times we always have, the camp spirit, exciting trips, connections with our counselors, and new friendships, overnights, songs, and oh, so much more

We will be working hard all year to make sure that next summer at FLJDC will G-d willing, be so much more fun and exciting, and will be well worth the wait.

Judaism teaches us that challenges should be used as a learning opportunity. We can say with confidence that the great effort put into trying to have camp, can still be a great teachable moment for our children, of hard work and creativity in the face of obstacles. Please use this opportunity to speak to your children about the importance of trying hard in life and making the best of every situation, even if it doesn't go the way you planned. It's the journey that counts, oftentimes much more than the destination.

We will be thinking of you all summer and all through the year.

We wish you a safe and healthy summer, and look forward to seeing you very soon! 

Despite our best efforts, we are not able to safely open JewishMiniCamps either.

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Thu, August 6 2020 16 Av 5780