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Summer 2018 Enrollment

November 13 Enrollment opens for returning families only.
November 20 enrollment opens to all.

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2018 Camper Enrollment
In order to register to camp you need to complete 1, 2 and 3 as described below:

1. Create a new account if you are a new family and add the children you want to enroll to your account.
2. Complete the camp enrollment.
1. Log into your existing account. (if you receive our emails it means you have an account)
2. Complete the camp enrollment.

Forgot your username and/or password? DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.
instead please email and we will send you your account details.

3. Complete a camper health history for each camper enrolled to camp. (Click for Camper Health History)
(enrollment will not be reviewed or approved without a health history.

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Staff Applications

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Discount Information

Returning Camper Discount
Begins: November 13 at 10am.
Ends: November 19 at 10pm.

8 weeks: $400 off each child.
4 weeks: $200 off each child.

Super Early Bird
Begins November 20 at 10am.
Ends: December 3 at 10pm.
8 weeks: $300 off each child.
4 weeks: $150 off each child.

Regular Early Bird
Begins: December 4 at 10am.
Ends: January 8 at 3pm.
8 weeks: $100 off each child.
4 weeks: $50 off each child.

Sibling Discount
8 weeks: $100 off each additional sibling
4 weeks: $50 off each additional sibling

Partner in Pride
8 weeks: $200 off per family
4 weeks: $100 off per family

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