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3rd Annual Community Gala February 12

Bris Avrohom of Fair Lawn held its 3rd Annual Community Gala on February 12, 2017, to celebrate the Jewish Russian Community of Northern New Jersey!

Honoring Max and Avital Borin, Alen and Renat Mamrout, and Yoni and Rina Mazor for their dedication and support.

In addition to the fun, warmth and friendship felt by all, the elegant evening included the music of Chony Milecki orchestra, and a powerful, inspiring and entertaining keynote address by Rabbi Yosef Jacobson.

The annual Gala is a tribute to the importance of our growing vibrant community. We thank all that participate and support. Photographed by Igor Perchuk Lina Perchuk.
#bafl #gala2017

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Hebrew School February 26

Purim is in the air at Hebrew school!

Classes made Purim crafts, discussed the story of Purim in depth, read Purim poems and parts of the Megillah in Hebrew, and learned about the 4 mitzvot we do on Purim, which are hearing the Megillah, giving gifts of food to our friends, giving charity to the poor, and eating a festive meal.

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Teen Talks February 15

At Teen Talks this week we learned about Purim, the story and meaning behind dressing up and eating hamantaschen.
We talked about the difference between dressing up for Purim and Halloween and then understood, that Purim and Halloween don't even belong in the same sentence unless you are saying that Purim and Halloween don't belong in the same sentence!

Hebrew School February 12

Preschool Class
Children are learning the Hebrew letters, adding new letters each week. 
In honor of the holiday of Tu Bshvat, the children learned all about the trees
and how our mitzvot are like the fruits of the trees. We made our own mitzvah trees, plant crafts, and tasted the fruits of Israel. We are getting ready for the holiday of Purim! We sang Purim songs, learned some of the Purim story characters and decorated our own crowns!

K Class
Children are advancing 
in their learning new letters and Hebrew words that begin with those letters. They are adding more. We began preparing for Purim! We acted out the story of Purim with puppets and costumes and sang Purim songs. 

1st Grade Class  
Children are advancing in their Alef Bet books, learning new letters and Hebrew words that begin with those letters. They are adding more mitzvot to their "Mitzvot Book". For Tu B'shvat, the "New Year for Trees", children created their own trees and learned about all the important things we get from trees. We learned about giving thanks and taking care of the world G-d gave us. We began preparing for Purim! We acted out the story of Purim with puppets and costumes and sang Purim songs. 

2nd-3rd Grade Class
We are advancing in Hebrew reading, writing, and Hebrew vocabulary. We finished a unit on the blessings we say on the different foods, and participated in a Brachos (blessings) Fair, where we got
tomake different foods, and say the appropriate blessings on each of them. We began learning about Purim, as we studied the story and lessons about this time on our history. 

4th Grade Class
We are advancing in Hebrew reading, writing, and Hebrew vocabulary. In our Jewish Heroes books, we completed the section about Levi, the son of Jacob, who was the father of the Kohanim (Jewish priests) who served in the Temple in Jerusalem. We learned the history and facts about the Temple and studied the lessons from his life that we can apply to our own. 
In honor of Tu Bshvat, we compared Man and Tree, as the Torah describes the connections we have. We created our own diagrams with the similarities on a physical and spiritual level. 
We began learning about Purim, studying details of the events in our history. 

5th Grade Class
We are advancing in Hebrew reading, writing, and Hebrew vocabulary. In our Torah studies book, we completed the section on Moshiach, discussing the purpose of the creation and the importance of each person's individual impact on this world. We discussed examples of ways we can make a positive impact on the world around us. For Tu Bshvat, we made posters with
the Hebrew text about the holiday, and learned the 7 Kinds of Israel in Hebrew. 
We divided into small groups, as we began learning about Purim, building on our knowledge of the holiday, and adding new insights. 

6th Grade Class
We are focusing on the daily prayers, learning the meaning of the prayers, and becoming fluent in the Hebrew songs and order of the Tefillot (prayers). The students are gaining fluency in the reading and understanding of the Hebrew words. In preparation for the holiday of Purim, we organized a "debate" in our classroom, between the holidays of Chanukah and Purim, as students divided into teams, 
to promote their holiday while backing it up with facts and details about the holidays. 

Hebrew School February 5 2017

What a great day, getting ready for Tu Bshvat, the New year for the trees. We learned about the 7 types of foods Israel is blessed with and got to taste them! We discussed the comparisons between people and trees, created our own "Mitzvah trees", and enjoyed a "Blessings carnival", where we squeezed grapes to make grape juice, shaped challah, made fruit kebabs and more, in the culmination of our unit on the different blessings we make on different foods.

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February Calendar Sponsors

Can you believe February is here?!? Don't forget to turn the calendar page and check out the exciting events we have coming up this month - especially the Third Annual Community Gala!

Thank you to our February calendar sponsors: Michael Gutnikov, CPA, Gary I. Gorodoki, M.D., Zohar "Zack" Zamir of KW Town Life,, Salikha Berkovich of ABA Insurance Agency, and Julia Starobinets DDS of Bright Smiles Orthodontics.

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