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As you may already know, our synagogue sustained a fire on Wednesday during the Israeli Music Festival. Thank G-d the fire was put out quickly by some brave and fast acting individuals in our community. Thank G-d no one was hurt at all and the synagogue building is safe to use. This fire was determined an accident by the fire marshal and was caused by the hot water boiler.
Thanks to Mr. Gurland for noticing the fire first and reporting it immediately to us and emergency services, this literally saved the synagogue. 
Thank you to all who came for the event and remained despite the commotion, we sang, danced and thanked G-d for his great miracles that only the material was damaged and that all people were safe.
Kudos to the Piamenta orchestra who improvised when the electricity was shut down in middle of their playing and made arrangements for another power source, although limited they were able to produce wonderful music for the rest of the evening. Thanks to the Melinkov family who graciously opened their home to supply the power for the remainder of the event.
Thursday morning we held morning services in the Sukkah due to the odor. By the time evening services began Thursday evening, the entire room for daily services, every book, chair, table, shelf, ceiling, walls and floors and surface has been scrubbed and cleaned as well as deodorized and ready for regular daily services.
The Jewish spirit never has and never will go out! The cleaning and restoration will continue to be an ongoing process for some time until everything effected in the entire building is completely restored and replaced. However we have been working round the clock with professionals to have the synagogue properly restored, cleaned and deodorized to be functioning with no interruption to daily, Shabbos services, Hebrew school or the upcoming holiday services and celebrations of Simchas Torah.
We believe in G-d and that everything happens for a reason and a challenge is meant to make us stronger and better! That is precisely what we will do!
We are now happy to announce some of our new Jteen programming for the year with more to come soon. In the face of this challenge we will continue to add programs and serve our community.
Be part of the great Jewish spirit in the face of adversity. Join us this Shabbos for services and gratitude that no one was hurt and a special Kiddush to celebrate. Also for Simchas Torah and for all our upcoming events that could have easily been disrupted by this fire.
Thank you to all who reached out to help. We are blessed with an amazing, dedicated and caring community, together we will grow stronger and increase Jewish pride and awareness to greet Moshiach now!

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Thu, May 23 2019 18 Iyyar 5779