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Synagogue spiritual and physical safety guidelines due to covid

We are currently open to our entire Bris Avrohom of Fair Lawn community

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Who may enter?
Up to 45 Adults only, men and women, feeling healthy with no cold or flu symptoms at all, and have not been sick or had symptoms in the past two weeks, have not been in contact with anyone who has been sick or had symptoms in the past two weeks, and have not had temperatures above 100.4F in the past two weeks.

Who may not yet enter?
Children under age 12
Anyone who has not yet been out of the home since March.
Anyone that is coughing, sneezing, or is feeling sick like a cold or flu. Anyone that has had cold or flu symptoms in the past two weeks, has been sick in the past two weeks, or has been in contact with anyone who has been sick or had Covid or Covid like symptoms in the past two weeks, or has a temperature above 100.4F

While at synagogue:
Wash hands with soap and water, or sanitize upon entering.
Do not shake hands, hug or kiss anyone.
Speak only with G-d, not with people, from the beginning of Prayer until the end of last Kaddish.
Keep conversation quiet before and after prayer to respect those who start early or end late.
During the week, turn off your phone, or put on vibrate.
Stay at least 6 feet away from others.
Do not bring in any food or drink, there is no coffee, tea or Kiddush on Shabbos.
Do not touch or kiss the Torah as it is carried to and from the ark.
Notify the Rabbi if you do not want an Aliya.
Wear a mask, unless wearing a mask will be a detriment to your health.
Announcements you may want to make must be approved by the Rabbi in advance.
Address any concerns to the Rabbi in advance and privately by way of phone or message.
Staying safe and sane guidelines:
Making eye contact with people poses no risk of infection and is healthy and encouraged.
Please do not discuss politics or current events while at Synagogue.
Nod to acknowledge and say hello and goodbye.
Laugh, sing and smile to one another.
Be polite to others by saying  please, thank you and your welcome.
Offer to help others.
Spend quality time with your children.
Read and watch less news and stay away from social media including WhatsApp.
Engage in extra Torah study, Tzedaka, and prayer.
Put yourself into your work, and other forms of educational and constructive uses of your time.
Eat healthy, protein, vitamin c, drink plenty of water, get a good eight hours of sleep every night.
Relax, do exercise.
Be safe and trust in G-d!

With prayers for spiritual and physical health and safety to all.
We want Moshiach Now!!

Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784