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2020 Camp Staff Resources


A letter to the 2020 staff of FLJDC

Dear Staff member, 

We know many of you from past summers, and we look forward to welcoming those of you who are new to our camp staff team.

As you may already know, camp has been suspended for the summer of 2020 because the FLJDC program, trips and pool that so many children and parents have come to love over the years would not be possible and safe this summer because of the Coronavirus.

We worked very hard to see what can be done to keep the FLJDC spirit alive in 2020.  We tried to open JewishMiniCamps, which seemed to be a good option for this summer. But sadly, we were not able to make that work out either.

We really wanted to give the children and you a great camp experience this summer, but as you know, the only way to have fun is to first make sure it is completely safe. And since we can’t guarantee that, we decided that it's better to wait until next summer to enjoy camp again.

We will really miss the great times we always have, the camp spirit, exciting trips, connections with our campers, new friendships, life skills, songs, and oh, so much more.

We will be thinking of you all summer and all through the year.

We will be working hard all year to make sure that next summer at FLJDC will be, G-d willing, so much more fun, and so much more exciting than ever before, that it will be well worth the wait.

We wish you a safe and healthy summer, and look forward to seeing you very soon! 

Fri, September 18 2020 29 Elul 5780